Enjoy your journey..

My work is wildly varied.  So is my CV.  With the paintings, I aim to help create contemplative states.  Sometimes - as in the Cut It Out series, with a dash of social activism.  When drawing, I'm interested in unedited line; with 'the slogans' it's about engagement again at the edge of social activism, but still my aim is to encourage contemplation.  My photographs are captured visual appearances in the relative world I want to share.  


My body of work in all its guises (there are short films waiting to be uploaded too!) is free from constriction.  There is no gallery insistence on recognisable style.   Nor prevention of activist surges.  At the moment I'm like a child experimenting... My aspriations are to create paintings which allow the observer to somewhat dissolve - as we can in the presence of a living landscape; and with my line work, to encourage a smile too.  


I also have a little aspiration that the early collectors of my work are richly rewarded later on!  

Beki Adam is an emerging artist, hidden "whilst I was cultivating view" in various monasteries from Scotland to the Himalaya.  


Now living back in Sussex, on Wolstonbury Hill as the result of a dream during her 17 years as a Buddhist nun, Beki is inspired by her surroundings.  "I aim to create work which shares view in terms of visual and a touch of the philosophy too. I hope it resonates." 

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